Category: Media

August 4 2017

More Americans are turning to an unlikely source for news: late night comedy. With distrust in the mainstream media at an all-time high, the Cronkites, Sawyers and Brokaws of the world are being replaced by the Colberts, Olivers and Bees[…]

July 3 2017

Alex Jones. The name alone evokes strong feelings on both ends of the political spectrum. Supporters say he’s a beacon of truth in an era of political correctness. Denouncers say he’s a dangerous conspiracy theorist. No matter how you feel[…]

April 13 2016

Every PR pro should know by now that reporters receive a torrent of press releases every day from those who follow their writing and from those who foolishly fling releases out to anyone they can find. You might wonder, how[…]

April 6 2014

AAWrites has teamed up with My Media Diary! Check out my latest guest blog profiling the first ever federally-funded ad campaign that combats texting and driving. Here’s an excerpt: “On Monday, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) will roll[…]