Category: Marketing

November 20 2018

If you support Millennial causes, Millennials will support you. At least, that’s what the numbers say. According to a study by Cone Communications, 87% of consumers will patronize a company because it advocated for an issue they care about. Another study revealed that around[…]

March 29 2018

When Little Caesars marketers pitched the idea of giving away free lunch to every customer if a 16-seed defeated a 1-seed during the NCAA Tournament, they surely sold it as a risk-free proposition A 16-seed couldn’t beat a one. Never[…]

November 28 2016

Author Note: This blog was written for and its contents are owned by Rebuild Group. To read the blog in its original form, click here. — Say what you want about the Motor City, but there’s no denying this: we[…]

August 26 2016

How low can brands go on social media? In the past couple of years, the social universe has been treated to a comedy of errors so shocking it should be the premise of a Judd Apatow movie. We’ve seen a[…]

July 8 2016

It might take two hours to write a press release, but it’s the five minutes you spend writing the subject line that matters most. In the lawless swampland of a journalist’s inbox, the decision to open or trash an email[…]

May 25 2016

A few years ago, marketing to Millennials was little more than a social experiment. Now, it’s a top priority for nearly every business. A generation no longer synonymous with youth, Millennials are now the most lucrative market, with $200 billion[…]

June 17 2014

Another week, another social media snafu for an airline company. Two months after US Airways posted what will surely go down as the lewdest tweet from a business account of all time, it was Delta’s turn to take flight on[…]