Category: Public Relations

July 3 2017

Alex Jones. The name alone evokes strong feelings on both ends of the political spectrum. Supporters say he’s a beacon of truth in an era of political correctness. Denouncers say he’s a dangerous conspiracy theorist. No matter how you feel[…]

March 16 2017

It’s been a bumpy ride for Uber so far in 2017. In January, the company was excoriated for not disavowing President Donald Trump’s controversial immigration order — a decision that spurred 200,000 customers to delete the app. But in some[…]

February 9 2017

Mere hours after the inauguration, Time reporter Zeke Miller unwittingly gave President Donald Trump the ultimate gift. Standing in the Oval Office, surrounded by fellow members of the press corps, Miller made what he thought was a stunning observation: the[…]

July 8 2016

It might take two hours to write a press release, but it’s the five minutes you spend writing the subject line that matters most. In the lawless swampland of a journalist’s inbox, the decision to open or trash an email[…]

April 13 2016

Every PR pro should know by now that reporters receive a torrent of press releases every day from those who follow their writing and from those who foolishly fling releases out to anyone they can find. You might wonder, how[…]

February 11 2016

  “Perception is reality.” If it’s not the biggest cliché in public relations, it’s a close second. For decades, businesses have taken this maxim as gospel, carefully parsing every word of every press release, commercial script, and speech to make[…]